Insight, Strategy and Action Sessions

Things have changed 
They have changed for you and they have changed for your customers. (and their customers)

Their priorities are different, they have new concerns and the way they make buying decisions may have fundamentally shifted.

You need to realign your sales and marketing efforts to your shifted customer. Get under their skin and find out how 2020 has changed their business; identify risks as well as the new opportunities this will bring.

Has your position in your customers' priorities changed?
Have your customers' budgets changed?
Can you address additional concerns?
Is your tone right?
Is your messaging right?

The Insight, Strategy and Action sessions form a body of work that will make sure your company is aligned to your customers as we go into a new year. 2020 has been hard for all of us and if we don't take into account the challenges our customers have faced then we will simply not survive.

Doogheno is running sessions to gain greater insight into customers - really getting under their skin, finding out if their priorities have changed, if their budgets are the same, if things have been put on hold or brought forward. This can be with existing customers or your pipeline ( although they tend to be less willing to share this information!). We will then use this insight to review your sales and marketing to make sure it is aligned to your customers' new ways of buying.

If we identify risks we'll advise on how to mitigate them.

If we identify opportunities we'll advise on how to capitalise on them.

And we'll provide you with a detailed report and immediate, short and mid-term actions to take.

And we'll even provide you with a tool kit that will enable you to take these actions yourself, or we can help working alongside your team or we'll do it all for you.

The work will be carried out over a period of three weeks, kicking off with a stakeholder call and culminating in the delivery of the report.

But for most companies, this is just the start as the ever changing nature of this new decade means new challenges and continual change.

Taster Session


One off
  • One Hour
  • Review of current position
  • One recommendation

Full Service


  • Everything in the offer
  • We fulfil the actions for you or with your team
  • unlimited buyer personas
  • Detailed buyer’s journey mapping
  • KPI driven reporting

*Included free in all monthly plans


minimum 6 month contract

(*Small print of what you will get in the offer)


One set of survey questions

Up to 20 questions

Survey distribution

Survey raw data


2 customer interviews

Transcription or video of interviews

Sales process

Review of sales process

Stakeholder discussion


Review of buyer persona (up to 2)

Review of buyers journey (if already mapped)

Review of collateral including social media (2 weeks of posts reviewed)

Review of sales and marketing communications

Stakeholder discussion


Detailed report on surveys and interviews - identifying trends and patterns

Identification of risks including pipeline and renewals

Recommendations for actions

Tool Kit

Self service tools Advice on how to carry out actions