Insight, Strategy and Action POWER-UP

Everything is changing. 
They are changing for you,  and they are changing for your customers (and their customers). Your customers' priorities are different, they have new concerns and the way they make buying decisions may have fundamentally shifted.

Can you say you have:

Increased Profitability
Predictable Revenue
A Practical Dynamic Strategy

You must realign your sales and marketing efforts to your shifted customer. 

To help you we are running one on one Insight, Strategy and Action sessions and until the end of December, these are just £1495 (usual price £3995).

The Insight, Strategy and Action Power-up creates a blueprint to achieve your objectives over the next 12 months. Based on in-depth research we will create a sales and marketing strategy to enable you to reach your objectives and we'll give you a step by step guide to how to implement the recommendations (or we can do that for you).

What you get:

Insight Report, Strategy Blueprint and Detailed Action Plan

After reviewing your business objectives (and helping you set clear KPIs if needed) we'll do a deep dive into your sales and marketing activities and processes - giving you an objective appraisal of current strategy and positioning.

Then we'll survey and interview your customers to get a clear working insight into current customer base to enable clear decisions based on actual data to move your business forward. This will let you tune your sales and marketing into what your customers really want, rather than what you think/assume they want. (we all can be guilty of this). 

INSIGHT REPORT - Based on your objectives, customers, sales processes and marketing positioning 

We can't start to recommend what you should do until we understand your business and your customers; so we work through an Insight process. 

And this results in a detailed report on surveys and interviews - identifying trends and patterns.

You'll have a clear working insight document detailing current customer base, sales and marketing processes and strategy. 

You can make decisions based on actual data to confidently move the business forward - including identification of risks including pipeline and renewals.

STRATEGY BLUEPRINT - Immediate, short, mid and long term recommendations 

Now we know your business and your objectives, and what your customers are looking for, we will put together detailed recommendations. 

The Strategy document, focusing on your sales and marketing strategy for the next 12 months, is informed by deep insight and understanding of your customers and business objectives. (And we write this, pulling on all of our experience and understanding of the current landscape to give you a method of achieving your goals).

This will be your blueprint for the next year of growth and development - your reference point and strategy guide. 


And now the hard work starts, turning the strategy into results. 

You'll receive a sales and marketing plan detailing recommendations for immediate and short term actions - fully informed by insight and strategy. 

This is a practical, step by step plan to implement your strategy.

Just follow the plan to successfully achieve your objectives.

Recommended Tool Kit

Self-service tools - quick reference list of all the tools you’ll need, (usually the ones we use) and as recommended by us. (Unaffiliated!) 

No research needed - this is a comprehensive list of links to everything you’ll need to do the job, including marketing automation and integration.


6 months of free private access to a dedicated Slack marketing support channel. Ask us anything! We’re here to help. 

The work will be carried out over  three weeks, kicking off with a stakeholder call and culminating in the delivery of the report.

But for most companies, this is just the start as the ever-changing nature of this new decade means new challenges and continual change.

Taster Session


One off

  • One Hour

  • Review of current position

  • One recommendation

Full Service



  • Everything in the offer

  • We fulfil the actions for you or with your team

  • unlimited buyer personas

  • Detailed buyer's journey mapping

  • KPI driven reporting

*Included free in all monthly plans


minimum 6 month contract

(*Small print of what you will get in the offer)


One set of survey questions

Up to 20 questions

Survey distribution

Survey raw data


2 customer interviews

Transcription or video of interviews

Sales process

Review of sales process

Stakeholder discussion


Review of buyer persona (up to 2)

Review of buyers journey (if already mapped)

Review of collateral including social media (2 weeks of posts reviewed)

Review of sales and marketing communications

Stakeholder discussion


Detailed report on surveys and interviews - identifying trends and patterns

Identification of risks including pipeline and renewals

Recommendations for actions

Tool Kit

Self service tools Advice on how to carry out actions


6 months free private access to a dedicated Slack marketing support channel

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*Ultimately doing it for you is our goal. This offer is a high value loss leader which delivers you an exceptional resource whether you then chose to work with us of not.