Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

Why a fractional CMO?

A fractional chief marketing officer (CMO) is a freelance highly experienced marketing executive that companies hire for marketing leadership and top-level strategy. They are great people managers, stakeholder relationship builders and communicators.

Typically, fractional CMOs are responsible for things like:

  • Setting marketing priorities
  • Identifying ideal customer profiles and segments
  • Overseeing marketing channels 
  • Building go-to-market plans
  • Coaching internal resource
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Why a Fractional CMO makes sense

Not all founders want or need a full time senior-level marketing expert on their team, but there is often a gap between the founders ambition and the skills and experience of internal resource. 


Tap into a deep level of real world experience with your own marketing expert. 


Not sure of the right channels or marketing tech stack? Have the knowledge at your finger tips. 


A fractional CMO can join your advisory board and add credibility to your company. 

Main Capabilities of a Fractional CMO

Lead Generation: Understanding how to attract users through various channels such as paid search, SEO, and content marketing is essential and forms a significant part of the Chief Marketing Officer's role. 

Retention and Engagement: CMOs need to adept at assessing your overall customer experience and devising new methods to retain existing customers using creative engagement tactics based on strong messaging, automation, and retargeting campaigns.

Marketing Communications: Fractional CMOs have experience in storytelling, shaping the company's narrative, and collaborating with media or public relations strategists to enhance brand awareness.

Brand Positioning: Effective CMOs are capable of defining what a brand represents and what it does not. This includes conducting competitive analysis and market research and continuously refining the company's marketing and messaging based on customer and market insights. Ideally, part-time CMOs should follow a set brand methodology.

Research and Analytics: Effective marketing relies on data; thus, a Chief Marketing Officer will collaborate with other corporate leaders to identify patterns in data and formulate theories about their implications. They also need experience researching trends, forecasting, and implementing strategies to meet target Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Why Dan for your CMO?

Dan has over 30 years experience in the tech industry, starting as an engineer, then eneterprise sales and the last 18 years in marketing. This wider experience enables him to understand the bigger picture and not just marketing.

"Dan is one of the most forward thinking dynamic people I know.

He showed me the big picture, helped to overcome the customer’s objections and powerfully promote our proposition."

"When everyone else is feeling the pressure and stressing out to meet those'll find Dan's professional, cool, calm and methodical approach to his work has paid off mid way through the month. In fact he probably has next months tasks already sorted."

"Dan is very responsive and professional and is always willing to go the extra mile to assist me."

"Dan is a great chap,
thorough, reliable and very good to work with. He is a man of his word & will always do his best and not promise top things that he is not able to do."

A bit more about Dan your Fractional CMO

Dan Smith offers an impressive blend of strategic marketing expertise and practical execution, making him an ideal candidate for a fractional Chief Marketing Officer. With over 18 years of dedicated B2B marketing experience, Dan has a proven track record of driving growth and achieving measurable results.

At the helm of Doogheno, Dan has been pivotal in pioneering marketing strategies for early-stage tech companies, including sectors like SaaS, AI, and fintech. His approach is highly pragmatic and results-oriented, ensuring every campaign delivers a clear return on investment. His work has not only exceeded client KPIs and OKRs but also earned multiple accolades, including Best ABM Agency in London.

As a fractional CMO, Dan has demonstrated his ability to enhance market presence and scale operations for tech start-ups.

Before working as a fractional CMO, Dan led sales and marketing in Nasstar, which resulted in a £12.5 million exit. 

Dan's approach to marketing is built on a foundation of strong, accountable leadership and innovative, data-driven strategies. He excels in mentoring teams and guiding them towards achieving strategic goals, making him a valuable asset to any organisation looking to enhance its marketing impact without needing a full-time executive.

Choosing Dan means investing in a leader who not only understands the complexities of modern B2B marketing but also thrives on creating and executing strategies that deliver real business results.


Fellow of the Chartered Institute
of Marketers


Advisor to small businesses

Domain expert for venture

Mentor for growing businesses

Advisor to charities and non-profits tackling violent extremism

Recogonised expert in global 250

Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Commerce and Manufacturing

Industry commentator

Simple pricing options

Whether one off or a longer engagement Dan can help your team


One off consultancy 

Have your sales stalled? Need a sounding board? Get answers quickly. From £750 a day. 


Committed multi-day engagements

Get ongoing support for your marketing with a fractional CMO, from £500 a day.