Change, opportunity and growth

Everything has changed for everyone in 2020.

And while change is a constant in business, this current and continuing state of flux is on a scale not matched in recent memory.

In order to ride the changes, we are advocating a full and frank objective re-evaluation of everything you think you know about your business. And an ongoing process of evaluation and action that should ensure your business can achieve:

Increased Profitability
Predictable Revenue
Practical Dynamic Strategy

We know that this is a daunting challenge.

These searching questions are always hard to answer within a functioning business.

Are your sales and marketing strategies and processes working as well as they need to?

If not why not?
Who are your customers now, and where are they?
What are they buying and why?
Are they buying what you’re selling?
If so, are they buying from you?
What needs to change?

We are objective, and we are experts at dealing with shift and flux.

We can help

Insight, Strategy and Action Sessions

The Insight, Strategy and Action sessions form a body of work that will make sure your company is aligned to your customers as we go into a new year. 2020 has been hard for all of us and if we don't take into account the challenges our customers have faced then we will simply not survive.

Doogheno are running sessions to help you gain greater insight into your customers - really getting under their skin, finding out if their priorities have changed, if their budgets are the same, if thing have been put on hold or brought forward. This can be with existing customers or your pipeline ( although they tend to be less willing to share this information!). We will then use this insight to review your sales and marketing to make sure it is aligned to your customers new ways of buying.

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Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a strategy that uses multiple forms of pull marketing – content marketing, SEO, blogs, social media and more – to create a digital footprint so customers can find you. And it builds trust throughout the sales cycle. Inbound marketing matches the way your customers make their buying decisions.

Inbound Marketing earns the attention of your potential customers and makes the company easy to be found by the people looking to buy your products and services.

Some aspects of Inbound Marketing are essential for brand reputation. More about our services

Outbound Marketing

Outbound Marketing opens up opportunities quickly and under your control.

Whether email marketing, telemarketing, paid campaigns such as AdWords or Facebook ads you can target and approach the customers you want to win.

When we undertake Outbound Marketing we always tie it in with inbound marketing activities such as content and marketing automation to provide the highest response rates and the clearest visibility of results. More about our services

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