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Customers engage with potential suppliers 60% of the way through the buying cycle, once they have narrowed their search down to just 2 or 3 companies. 40% of B2B buyers are under 34 up from 20% just 5 years ago.

Are you selling how companies are buying?

Doogheno growth marketing combines digital marketing best practice, content driven inbound marketing to inform and shape the conversation across all platforms, growth hacking to increase your close rate and solid sales principles updated for the way your customers buy today.

Doogheno has experience across the board of working with technology companies. Set up to bridge the gap between sales and marketing so that you win more business and keep more customers. Many of our team have carried their own sales targets so know the value of great creative marketing. Doogheno isn’t just about making things look good, it’s about filling the sales funnel and driving sales through to a close. We are passionate about growing your business so we don’t mince words, we don’t bluff and guess, we work with you to achieve your strategic business goal. We have opened up opportunities in EMC, Lidl, Legal and General, GSK, Ticketmaster and Vodafone amongst many others for our clients in the past 12 months. 


Inbound Marketing is a strategy that uses multiple forms of pull marketing – content marketing, SEO, blogs, social media and more – to create a digital footprint so customers can find you. And it builds trust throughout the sales cycle. Inbound marketing matches the way your customers make their buying decisions.

Inbound Marketing earns the attention of your potential customers and makes the company easy to be found by the people looking to buy your products and services.

Some aspects of Inbound Marketing are essential for brand reputation. More about our services


Outbound Marketing opens up opportunities quickly and under your control.

Whether email marketing, telemarketing, paid campaigns such as AdWords or Facebook ads you can target and approach the customers you want to win.

When we undertake Outbound Marketing we always tie it in with inbound marketing activities such as content and marketing automation to provide the highest response rates and the clearest visibility of results. More about our services


Doogehno's Dan Smith shares his experiences of giving up cash and going fully digital in this Huffington Post article.

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