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Has anything changed for you and your business in the last 6 months?

This is a bit of a trick question. The answer is always yes. Even without politics and global health disrupting absolutely everything in every sector and every marketplace across the globe, change is constant. The good news is that we are experts in ensuring sales and marketing strategy and processes continue to deliver, through pivot, shift, takeover, and, yes, even pandemic.

Our advice to our clients, and in fact everyone we’ve spoken to in the last 6 months has been to re-evaluate everything

We know that full and frank objective re-evaluation of everything can be a daunting challenge.  We can run your re-evaluation process for you – Send us your details and we’ll be in touch to chat about what you need and how we can help you achieve it.

From your fundamental business case, to your tone on social media, and to make re-evaluation part of your ongoing process. It is marketing best practice, but also, this storm is with us a while yet.  Re-evaluation from the ground up is a tough thing to achieve. The questions are hard to ask of a functioning business, and can be even harder to answer objectively:

Are your sales and marketing strategies and processes working as well as they need to? If not why not?  Who are your customers now, and where are they?  What are they buying and why?  Are they buying what you’re selling?  If so, are they buying from you? 

What needs to change?

Leading this process is a core part of the work we’ve been doing with our new and existing clients in the last few months. There isn’t one among them who hasn’t decided to shift focus, re-write strategy, re-target audiences, re-make content, or all of the above, as a result.


Inbound Marketing is a strategy that uses multiple forms of pull marketing – content marketing, SEO, blogs, social media and more – to create a digital footprint so customers can find you. And it builds trust throughout the sales cycle. Inbound marketing matches the way your customers make their buying decisions.

Inbound Marketing earns the attention of your potential customers and makes the company easy to be found by the people looking to buy your products and services.

Some aspects of Inbound Marketing are essential for brand reputation. More about our services


Outbound Marketing opens up opportunities quickly and under your control.

Whether email marketing, telemarketing, paid campaigns such as AdWords or Facebook ads you can target and approach the customers you want to win.

When we undertake Outbound Marketing we always tie it in with inbound marketing activities such as content and marketing automation to provide the highest response rates and the clearest visibility of results. More about our services


Doogehno's Dan Smith shares his experiences of giving up cash and going fully digital in this Huffington Post article.

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