We like to think we make magic happen but really it’s a lot of hard work rather than spells that makes it special. Hard work combined with insight, creativity and inspiration.

We can’t start working on growing your business until we really know it and really know your customers. We have to be two steps ahead of your competition.


First we listen, then we listen some more, we ask some questions and listen some more again.

We listen to you, your team, your customers and your target market,

From this we form a picture, sometimes as outsiders the picture is even clearer than the one you are working from.

We listen to your aims, we listen to your sales team, we listen to your product team, we even listen to your support team. If you want to get your customers loving you we need to love you too.

And only then do we truly understand your business and how we should make that magic happen.


There are a lot of different strands in growth marketing that all need to work together to produce great results every time.

Planning is key to the success of any campaign. Coordinating all the elements, people and the message takes cooperation by all involved. While we are working with you, you are still in control, your business has its aims and we will always work to achieve those.

Planning doesn’t have to take months but it does take time. Someone once said if you fail to plan you plan to fail, we think this is true.

From the frequency of social media messages across different platforms, to hero pieces of content, aligning time to industry events, gearing up for year end, all these things and more need to be planned for.


When we press the button, it will be all action. But it will take time to show. we can produce some great results almost overnight but some that take a little longer. But that doesn’t mean that things aren’t going on. We’ll be updating you as we go along and you’ll have a weekly report to show what’s going on.

The plan would have identified what steps we take, who will be doing what work and when and we’ll be actioning this plan. We leave nothing to chance so while you may see a smooth machine purring away underneath with be a mad machine whirring away.


Delivering great results over time in different markets for different products means we have to tweak our approach. We constantly analyse what we are doing and the results that we are getting. From this we learn. Sometimes we learn that a great new idea has exceeded even our expectations. Other times we learn that what works 9 times out of 10, isn’t working for you.

Having visibility of what is going on, what is working great and what’s working just OK lets you make intelligent and informed decisions.


And from that analysis we can tweak what we are doing, maximise results and keep driving your growth. It’s a loop that keeps refining and adjusting till near perfection is reached. We don’t faf, fire and forget, we care about delivering results for you.

It’s not about changing course but adjusting the sails can get the full force behind the direction we want to do go in.