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Why You Need to Create and Use Buyer Personas

Everything you do in your marketing should be informed by your buyer persona! A Buyer Persona is a semi-fictional, fully-rounded caricature of a typical customer. A carefully constructed persona (or two, or even three, depending on the breadth of customer base) gives a really solid basis for realistic decision-making, and crucially can be used to understand the decisions and processes that your company’s customers go through before, during and after a purchase.

(So important! Fully fundamental in successful marketing strategy)

How to Build a Buyer Persona

Start by thinking hard about your customers.

To get the most out of this process you need to build a kind of composite ideal customer, or perhaps two. If you have a long list of great customers, pick one to extrapolate from. If your company is earlier stage,or you’re aiming to pivot your product and/or positioning, think about who
you would like to sell to, who you think would be the best customer for your product/service.

Your buyer persona needs to be credible and feel real, so start with some concrete basics: age, sex, occupation, marital status, name.And go from there.

Build in as much relevant detail as you can, starting with what motivates them to buy. Think about why people buy your type of product and service. What does it help them to achieve and why is that important to them?

Think about personality.

Where do they find out about new things, what do they read, what do they watch, who do they talk to?

What social media do they use?

Who influences their decisions - is it their partner or in a b2b sale who else in the company may need to be involved in the decision making process?

At this point, with one or two almost fully formed personas on hand, created exclusively by you, your team and your extant understanding of your business, go outside of your organisation and fact check.

Get alternative viewpoints and opinions. Run focus groups – even if this just means asking some friends – and ask existing customers why they buy from you.

Extinguish your risk of confirmation bias – ensure that your assumptions are backed up by broader opinion and evidence, and you’ll end up with a really robust persona.

Once created, use your buyer persona as a sounding board for all of your marketing decisions.

If your Buyer Persona 1 (Dan, 51, CEO, drives a Tesla and runs marathons) wouldn’t be keen on your new campaign, then give it a tweak.

Everything you do in your marketing should be informed by your buyer persona.

They consolidate everything you know about your perfect customer after all. Your creation is founded in your knowledge and understanding, then tempered by outside opinion. The persona is a working model of all of that information, and a focus for your understanding. Its remarkably easy to answer your own questions when you can ask Buyer Persona 1.

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