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Amberley Innovations is a UK-based startup that brings the efficiencies of enterprise automation to small and medium-sized businesses. They have built a SaaS platform to deliver their services, but they offer more than just another product. They combine expertise in change management and business process optimisation to create a loyal peoplea loyal peoplea loyal peoplea loyal people lead approach to a technical solution.

Amberley Innovations' founder had been working as a consultant for several years before he decided to build a business based on his extensive experience. To make the transition away from contracting to a business requires utilising the skills and experience of others to increase the service offering. 

Amberley Innovations' objective was to create a sales engine that would demonstrate growth to potential investors. Amberley Innovations engaged Doogheno to develop a marketing strategy to enable a successful launch and grow the business.

Doogheno initially created a brand for Amberley Innovations, a business process optimisation and automation start-up. Doogheno were then engaged to help take the company to market and win their first customers