Busy busy busy

It’s been a busy time here at Doogheno, so busy that we have found ourselves almost at the end of August, how did that happen?

We have been working with some more new customers. One is a biopharma start-up that is looking to raise £25 million for expansion into the Americas. We have produced their pitch material including a detailed Information Memorandum.

We are working with another start-up that is looking to raise £350k and we are working on their pitch deck at the moment.

And we have started working with a cloud service provider, which is right up my street and we are creating content for them.

Also we have just completed the third annual survey of UK technology adoption for ServiceteamIT and the results of that will be published shortly.


The biopharma company is now getting their first factory into production and are in discussions about raising funds and licencing their product across the globe. We are very pleased to have been able to get them to them to this stage. As a side project we also created their branding.

The startup looking to raise got into to an incubator and is going great guns. we are still working with them and look forward to providing them with more services going forward. We support their business and probably do a little too much without charging them but we are nice people and so are they!

The new cloud service provider is based in Ghana and targeting the UK market. Ghana has a fantastic untapped talent pool. They are now providing data engineers working on UK projects. They can provide two for the price of one UK based data engineers and they have access to candidates who will go on to work for the likes of Facebook and Google.

And we have been engaged again this year for the fourth annual survey for ServiceTeam IT. This year the focus is around the impact of COVID-19 on digital transformation for UK business.


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