Brexit, I’d rather not if it’s all the same with you

Doogheno isn’t a massive company, in fact we are the S in SME like millions of other businesses.

It’s not just big business that will be impacted by Brexit. We would be hit, we work with European businesses. But if we had different laws we’d need to bring in solicitors to draft new contracts, the customer wouldn’t want to pick up that cost so we’d have to carry it and that would make some customers unprofitable for us.

We already carry the cost of translation for these clients.

I like working with European companies, I have done it for years. Much of my business has come from Ireland, I haven’t had to translate that but I have had to learn their ways of business.

Friends of mine with small businesses also work with European companies. Any additional red tape will impact their business even more than mine.

And yes we could work with other countries but right now we have a unified legal structure that makes it easy to work with Europe.

Losing that is going to hurt my business, and in a small business that means it will impact my family and the families of our little team.

I make no bones about my views on Brexit. If we had 10 years to negotiate and transition I think it could be a good thing. But we don’t and it won’t.