What is growth marketing?

Many marketiers are focused on brand, messaging and filling the top of the sales funnel. And the sales team are interested in things at the other end of the sales funnel. We founded Doogheno because we saw tome and time again a disconnect between sales and marketing, and we feel that growth marketing reconnects the two.

Modern marketing practice covers the whole sales cycle because the way customers buy has changed. There needs to far more valuable content created that is of real use and value to the prospective customers as they will be researching long before the end choice company has ever had direct contact with the customer. There is need for excellent SEO, thinking about what the problem that the company is resolving more than what their product is, and of course this has to flow through to the content as well. Any marketing company worth their salt will be doing this already.

And of course there is social media, where companies can get direct contact to their customers and prospects, conversations formed through out the buying journey and the life cycle of the customer. And again most companies and marketing teams get this, some put too much importance on this, some not enough but it’s a recognised pillar of marketing.

Then their is more direct marketing such as email campaigns and cold calling. This is where is gets less sophisticated in most companies. The marketiers think that this is a sales job and the sales people think it should be a marketers role to provide qualified leads.

And then there is the communications sent by the sales people, the follow up material to the prospects in the pipeline. Who should be moving the sale through the pipeline? The sales person with the target or the marketer who put the lead into the pipeline in the first place.

We think this should be the marketers role but we don’t really see the distinction between marketing and sales.

And that’s where growth marketing comes in. We think that marketing and sales is really the same thing. We have done both, we know the cross over and we know the chasm that can open up between the two.

Growth marketing looks after the whole buyers journey, right through to close and renewal. It covers the usual marketing techniques and it brings solid sales principles, but holding it all together is the energy of growth hacking. Everything is looked at, tested, tweaked; the chase up email, the time to call, the subject line, the way meeting are held, everything.

It is all the small tweaks combined with the creative solid work that underpins the project that starts to make a real difference. Close rates increase, sales cycles are cut, forecasting become accurate, pipelines fill up and churn reduces.

The extra 10-20% that growth marketing gives over traditional sales and marketing is enough to transform a business.