Buyer Persona and Buyer Journey Free Resources

Creating your buyer personas and your buyer journey is the starting point of your marketing activity.

We have pulled together some free resources to help you.

We can also run workshops to help you create these or undertake the full process on your behalf, speak to our team to find out more.


Create 3-5 personas

Bring together common themes

Base it on research not your own idea of what the customer looks like!

Use an image to help you visualise your persona

Buyer Persona

Our own online Buyer Persona tool - fantastic place to start and it’s free!
Click here to start

Examples of Buyer Personas

Buyer Journey

The buyers journey is the stages of decision making they go through from initial information gathering, to considering if they are going to make a purchase to deciding what they will buy and from whom. It’s seeing your business from the customers world. Think of the experience they will have with you.

A good introduction to the buyers journey

Great overview of the buyers journey and free templates

Research Resources

British Library Business and IP Centre - they have regional offices and online resources.

Example PersonaMary (download)

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