How we identify and research your ICP accounts and the targets within personas

Having accurate and up-to-date data is critical for running effective Account Based Marketing campaigns.

Before launching an ABM campaign, it's essential to thoroughly research the target accounts. This includes gathering information on the company, key decision-makers, pain points, and buying processes.

High-quality prospect data ensures your messaging will resonate with your targets. For example, understanding a company's challenges and initiatives allows you to position your solution as the answer to their problems. Knowing who the key decision makers are ensures your campaign messaging reaches the right people. The more insight you have into an account, the more personalised and relevant your outreach can be.

Researching factors like company revenue, industry, number of employees, and technology used allows prioritisation in the target list.

Our thorough pre-campaign research and quality account data lays the foundation for your ABM success. It enables personalised, relevant messaging and helps focus your efforts on the ripest targets. The time and resources invested in data gathering and analysis will pay dividends through higher conversion rates and faster sales cycles.

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