Buyer's Journey

buyers journey

Why the Buyer's Journey is Important

“The buyer's journey is the process buyers go through to become aware of, consider and evaluate, and decide to purchase a new product or service ”

Mapping your company’s specific buyer’s journey will not only allow you to identify gaps or cracks in the journey that might be losing you sales, but also to ensure that you are providing every customer and potential customer with all of the information and interaction that they need in order to trust you,and to make the choice to buy from you.

How to Use the Buyer's Journey

There are lots of approaches here – and endless tools and templates that will help you to ask the right questions, investigate fully your customers’ experiences and ultimately map your specific journey.

Start with this.

You can break any Buyer’s Journey down into three distinct stages, Awareness, Consideration and Decision.


A buyer identifies a need or opportunity, and decides whether or not to pursue a solution. Engaging your potential customer at this stage involves understanding their process. Think about how a need of opportunity is identified in a company, and what guides the prioritisation of that need to the point where its acted upon. How are those decisions made?


The need or opportunity is clearly defined anda decision made to find a solution. Again – understand this process.

How are the various solutions found and then evaluated?

Where does the information come from that influences those decisions?

Where do the criteria come from, and what are they?

Is there a broad range of solutions?

How and by whom are these decisions made?


A mode of solution has been decided on – a type of thing, and evaluation of various providers of that thing according to now-defined criteria is carried out. What are these decision-making criteria here? What are the pros and cons of your offering when compared to others? Why do people choose you, or not...Who makes the buying decision? And are there any additional expectations around the purchase, for example training requirements?If you can give comprehensive answers to all of the above, you’ll be able to ensure that you are fulfilling every expectation of your potential customer, at every stage.

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