Who makes up an Account Based Marketing team?

The composition of an account-based marketing (ABM) team will vary depending on the size and needs of the company and the specific goals of the ABM strategy. In general, an ABM team may include a variety of different roles, including the following:

  • Account managers: These individuals are responsible for managing relationships with specific accounts and ensuring that we align the ABM strategy with the needs of those accounts.
  • Marketing managers: These individuals oversee the overall ABM strategy and coordinate the various marketing efforts that are part of the ABM campaign.
  • Content creators: These individuals are responsible for creating the content that will be used in the ABM campaign, including blog posts, articles, videos, and other types of content.
  • Sales representatives: These individuals are responsible for working with the ABM team to identify potential leads and convert those leads into customers.
  • Data analysts: These individuals are responsible for tracking and analyzing the results of the ABM campaign to identify areas for improvement and optimize the campaign for maximum effectiveness.

The specific roles and responsibilities of an ABM team will depend on the company’s particular needs and the ABM campaign’s goals.