Why we do it

We are passionate about getting businesses to be the best they can be. Great ideas don’t always translate into great businesses. But we are making sure that more do and that they get their fantastic product or service into the lives of more customers.

Often the founder of a business is a visionary and technical genius but with little sales and marketing experience and as their business grows the cracks begin to show. We have seen the same problems, time after time, the way customers buy has changed but sales and marketing has been left behind, sales teams relying on 20th century methods and marketing teams thinking they are doing a great job but not delivering quantifiable leads.

Companies that need the agilest and effective growth marketing often can’t justify spending £100k a year on a consultant then another £100k on putting the recommendations in place. Or they employ an in-house marketing person but expect them to be an expert in all aspects of marketing, a great copy writer and a great analyst, create beautiful images and still have time to break down the buyer’s journey.

Either way, the company doesn’t get the marketing that they deserve.

We know this, and we think it is unfair.

So we built a program for growth marketing that was both very affordable and very effective.

And Doogheno was born.

Today the buyer’s journey brings the customer in direct contact with your company far later than ever before. You have a greatly reduced chance of winning the customer if you only start speaking to them when they are 60% through their journey.

You need to be influencing the buyer even before he speaks to you.

This graphic shows just how important a content driven marketing strategy is, you need different content at the different stages right across the buyer’s journey.