We create long-term lead generation and lead nurturing through Account Based Marketing, including Micro Targeting to deliver excellent results faster..

You need to get a good Return on Investment for your marketing spend. It needs to bring you new customers, get your existing customers to spend more and get them to renew.

We have been target-carrying salespeople and management, and we understand your need to cut through the marketing fluff and deliver results.

Account-Based Marketing Definition: A highly focused approach to B2B marketing in which marketing and sales teams work together to target best-fit accounts and turn them into customers.

The way customers buy has changed. You don't get the chance to build up a relationship and become a trusted advisor; the customer's trusted advisor now is a Google search. This means you need to get in front of customers when they are looking for businesses like yours.

It's made up of elements you are familiar with and some that may be new. Account Based Marketing creates a structure and process that captures interest, brings them into your funnel and nurtures them through to a sale and on into their contract.  And Micro Targeting lets you take control of the sale quicker than traditional on its own.


We will provide you with...

Account Based Marketing is built up of multiple elements that combine to make a powerful customer magnet.  While every company is different, all the elements are required to deliver the best results.  We will work with you to review priorities and identify the areas that need the most focus.

Some of these may already be handled in-house by your team, and we are happy to work alongside them to deliver a brilliant outcome.


Who is your customer?

Buyer personas are creations that represent your ideal customer(s) – this is an immensely powerful way to focus your targeting of efforts by understanding their key: characteristics, behaviours, attitudes, needs, drivers, concerns and motivations.  To create a buyer persona we will look at:

Your existing customers, including interviewing some to gain invaluable insight into why they chose you.

The wider market to understand why buyers are choosing alternative suppliers and solutions.

Our decades of experience in sales and marketing allow us to bring additional insight to this process.


How do they make their choices?

The buyer's journey is a model that allows you to target the right content and contact at the right time and travels through Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Purchase, Post purchase and Repurchase.

To build the buyer's journey we look at:

Your existing customers, and where possible, we like to speak to prospects in your pipeline to gain insight into their internal processes.

And our work with many companies helps us to form a strong picture of activities within the market and the positioning of competitors across the journey.


Creating traction

Up to 70% of the buyers journey will have been completed before any direct contact has been made with you. To capture buyers during their research phase you need high quality engaging content that both informs and, where appropriate, entertains.

Content ranges from in-depth researched White Papers to infographics.  Content is built as a part of a campaign and is matched to the buyer persona and to the buyer's journey.

Typical campaign content includes a hero piece, such as a white paper, supported by smaller pieces focusing on a particular aspect of the research.  Blog posts, infographics and social media posts are also produced to ensure that the campaign reaches the target buyers.

Content Distribution

Getting it out there.

Getting the message seen across Owned Media and Earned Media is at the heart of any successful campaign.  Breaking out of your website and onto third-party sources can make the difference between success and failure.

We start with the elements in your control such as your website, listings and social media.

And then we work on things such as Press and PR.  This can include guest writing for industry blogs or paid distribution of the hero content into publications identified as key sources of information for your buyers.

Creating the conversation online should include interaction with your followers on social media.

Branding & Awareness

Keeping it on message.

You know what your company stands for, you know what people should think and feel about doing business with you.  But after time this message can get lost.

We will work with you to make sure that your message is consistent across the company.  We'll look at the directories you are listed in, the online presence you have, including your team's LinkedIn profiles, everywhere that a potential buyer may find you and read about you.

And we will make sure that if you can't be found, you soon will be and anything about your company online that doesn't match your vision  will be corrected.


Getting you found online.

Search Engine Optimisation combines technical and creative elements to ensure prospective buyers can find you online.

We will look to see if your keywords are still relevant and that your website meets the technical performance requirements needed to rank highly in search engines.

We will index our content to boost your search engine rankings.

And the content distribution will help with Off Site search engine optimisation by creating high-quality, relevant backlinks to your website.

Social Media

Connect with your fans.

Getting the balance right on social media is a challenge.  Too little and you look like you are a stagnant company, too much and it is a distraction.  But when you get it right it is a powerful medium to connect to your buyers.

Consistent, regular, on message posts can boost your brand reputation. When that message is linked to your campaigns, campaigns, it helps to build more substantial brand confidence for your customers.

Whether on LinkedIn. LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, connecting directly to your buyers using the communication medium they want to use, can put you ahead of your competition.  And as the millennial generation moves into roles with buying responsibilities, it is becoming increasingly important to remain relevant and current.    We also review the use of social media by your team.

Micro Targeting

Laser focused aim.

Inbound marketing can sometimes feel like you are waiting for the buyer to move slowly along your funnel until they finally decide to establish contact. And that's because it's exactly what is happening.  so we have introduced Micro Targeting.

Micro Targeting identifies the companies visiting your website and engaging with your content and identifies the key individuals that are most likely to be looking based on role and interest.  We create micro-campaigns for those people.

From this, we explode the levels of engagement with prospective buyers and slash the sales cycle, putting you back in control of the sale.

Marketing Automation

Working around the clock.

Technology continues to move on apace and in marketing technology is no exception.  But sometimes it can be overwhelming, and often the solutions presented do not consider sunk costs into existing technologies.

We will advise on the technologies you need to adopt such as identification of website visitors or automation of lead scoring and join these together for you to provide an automated system that frees up internal resource while producing greater results and visibility to your pipeline.

Sometimes there still needs to be human intervention in the process, and we can help you there too.  And if you want an end-to-end automated solution from the first click of an email to the renewal of a contract, we can do that for you.  Marketing automation makes intelligence, once the preserve of big business, available to all.


AI working for you.

Harness the power of chatbots within your business. A chatbot is a cool bit of automated messaging programming that uses AI to speak with people, just like they were interacting with another person. The chatbots are programmed to respond to questions, give answers and then take actions depending on instructions. Connect them to your Facebook advertising to provide an exceptional response. Use them to qualify your customers. Provide around-the-clock customer support.

Chatbots combine AI with great copywriting and content to give your customer a brilliant experience.

LinkedIn Automation

Automate lead generation.

Generate a steady flow of leads through LinkedIn automation. We will take the buyer persona and create an ideal customer based on role, industry and location. we will create a master list and then automate contact. This work can not stand alone, and it needs to be backed up with content to give you authority and a reason for people to link to you.

This connection is then followed up with messages with LinkedIn to create an engaged audience and leads.


Insight powered action.

Too many companies spend money on marketing without clearly defined goals or metrics to enable understanding of success. We can provide a level of visibility and reporting that will let you make important decisions earlier.

Gaining a truer picture of a sales and marketing pipeline will help you plan your year.  More accurate forecasting can help with capacity planning and performance management for the sales team.

Measuring what is working enables you to spend your money where you will get results, doubling down on the activities that bring buyers through the door and turning off those that deliver little.

Take control of your sales and marketing like never before.

Outbound Marketing

If you are only now at the start of inbound marketing, you may need an immediate or quick boost to the sales and marketing pipeline.  Outbound marketing activities can open up opportunities quickly.

When we undertake outbound activities for our clients, we always tie them in with inbound marketing activities such as content and marketing automation to provide the highest response rates and the clearest visibility of results.

Paid Advertising

Getting in front of your buyers.

Paid advertising is the quickest way to boost the sales and marketing pipeline.  Whether that is Google Ads or LinkedIn advertising, you can be adding leads to the top of the funnel within hours.

Knowing where your buyers are online will allow you to target your ad spend accordingly.

Linking your ad spend to a campaign can increase the audience for content and create awareness and demand for your products and services.

Paid advertising doesn't have to cost a lot. Defining clear goals with an understanding of the buyers' preferences to consume information can open up new channels for very little money.

Email Campaigns

Your message straight into their inbox.

Email campaigns done well can be an extremely cost-effective way of reaching a large audience quickly.  But if done badly, they risk your reputation and expose you to the risk of a potentially damaging fine under GDPR.

All our campaigns, including Micro Targeting are content driven to provide real value to the recipient.

Email campaigns are GDPR compliant and sent out only after carrying out a three-stage legitimate interest assessment.   The campaigns are monitored and managed, handling any enquiries from the data subjects.

We provide targeted list building to ensure that the recipients are going to benefit from the automated email nurturing sequence, with human monitoring to make intelligent decisions and responses.


Speaking to the buyer.

Often used as a part of Micro Targeting or to support a wider campaign, telemarketing is still a powerful way to make first contact with a prospective buyer.

We work intelligently into existing customer bases for up-selling or highly targeted calling to get to the identified target buyers.

Our callers typically have ten-plus years of industry experience, enabling them to qualify the buyer prospect and have instant credibility when talking about a subject.

Calls are not measured on a volume basis but are based on results.

And as you have made it all the way through down to the bottom, ask us about our unique shared success model where you hold back payment of we don't meet our KPIs.