Website Leads


Why Capture Every Possible Lead From your Website?

Because if you aren’t capturing, profiling, logging and contacting the visitors to your site, mapping their behaviour and following up, then you are missing a swathe of potential leads, and any work you do sending people to your website in the first place (ads, SEO etc) will be kind of wasted.

Most people are unlikely to fill in a webform.

Take the opportunity to help people further, to address their queries and ultimately sell to them.

If they’re finding you in the first place, they are interested.

How to Capture Every Lead

Make sure you have the following in place.
1. Website Chat
Initiate conversation when people are on your site.
Powerful, engaging, compelling and live.
2. Chatbot
A well written bot with your brand values and goals at its core, will be working hard for you disseminating great information and good will even while you are sleeping.
3. Reverse IP lookup
Super clever, way powerful, get it done by firstly identifying companies that visit your site. Then by taking those companies and building a list of people within those companies who are likely to be looking at what you’re selling, and adding their email addresses to a cold email sequence. This an all be backed up by a microtargeting campaign aimed like a laser at the names on your list.
4. Retargeting
Show display ads to people as the wander about elsewhere online. Fairly obvious, nonetheless compelling. Keeps your product/brand front of mind (and is way cheaper than adwords)

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