Marketing for Telcos

Voice is still the backbone of business communications. But with UC and hosted voice every IT company can now be a voice provider. So with new opportunities come new competitors. And how do you stand out? Doogheno are experienced at marketing for telcos. Doogheno‘s founder started his life working as an engineer in communications, helping design telecoms backbones and then mobile data services. We get the industry. But with the competition hotting up doing what you’ve always done will no longer cut it if you want your business to grow or even just to stay the same size as it is now. Doogheno combines fantastic creative, with solid sales and marketing principles to help you win new customers and keep the ones you already have. Our highly engaging quality content will drive prospects to the top of the funnel, where they will be nurtured through to the point of closure. You will be made to stand out from your competition even if you are selling very similar services. While we generate more revenue for you with out telco marketing program, we can also work with you on telco product marketing.

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How we’ll help you

We will bring solid sales principles to work alongside the marketing. It’s no good looking good if you aren’t pushing the prospect ever closer to the close. We were founded by sales people who have carried targets, so we know the pressure, and we know how to realize the difference. And we bring magic with us, we use growth hacking techniques rarely seen in the telco market place to win you more business. Growth hacking isn’t the preserve of some bearded hipsters sitting in a coffee shop in Hoxton, it’s super smart actions that can make all the difference to your business. Some are minor changes, some are big but all directly add to your bottom line.  your pipeline and then help you close them. And we’ll slash your churn.