Marketing for Startups

When you start your company you now that it should be a success. And if you want to guarantee that you will need help along the way.

Doogheno can help you from day one to achieve more with limited resources and on a budget. We can help you win your first customers, build your customer base, open new markets and more. We call ourselves growth marketers because we want your company to grow and this can mean we do far more than just marketing. Our team have been in your shoes before, we have built successful companies without the help of big budgets.

We can help you build you sales strategy, ensure that your targets are reasonable and achievable, we can help you assess which routes to market are most suitable and prioritise your actions. We have quite literally written the book on what the CEO needs to know about sales from our experiences working with startups. we will then write your marketing strategy and start to put it into practice.

We map your buyer’s journey and look at how they can interact with your company sometimes before they even know what they are looking to buy.

Our special startup package includes everything that a startup may need for marketing. Including SEO, social media, strategy, and content, however, it is more than a simple one size fits all, we create a completely unique approach for every company we work with.

And when things are going great we can help you build out your sales function including recruitment of your first sales people.

Doogheno will make sure that you do not fall behind your forecast so you can show potential investors your strong growth.

Along the way we analyse everything we do, provide you with detailed reports and tweak the activities to bring in the greatest results.

Many startups know about growth hacking but are not quite sure what they need to do to grow themselves and our team will show you exactly what needs to be done and can work with your internal teams to make it happen.

We even offer a shared risk model where our payment is linked to the delivery of your growth, you can’t get fairer than that.

So if you are a UK based start up get in contact today and we’ll get you up to speed.