Marketing for Online Sales

Build and they will come, we hope this isn’t your strategy for gaining customers, and if it is you really do need our help right away!

Online businesses can fly but all need a need a boost, they need a kick to get started, they need energy to keep them growing. Doogheno growth marketing can be that kick and we are that energy.

We understand the online space, we first dealt with e-commerce in 1996 with a mobile phone shop. Things have moved on a lot since those days, and they are moving on now at a pace which can scare even the most experienced hand.

If you find your routes to market no longer providing the returns you once saw then you need to speak to Doogheno, we understand your market and we will take the time need to understand your business and your customers. We will provide ideas and actions that will grow your business, sometimes we even give the ideas for free as we a good people.

We will work with you to grow your business by continually optimising your site, driving incremental traffic, leading to a higher conversion rate and ultimately improving your profitability.

We map the buyer’s journey and look at where you can influence the buying decisions and build an actionable plan. And we analyse and review this plan as we going along, tweaking where necessary to bring the best results.

Doogheno primarily works in the B2B space but have a number of B2C clients where we have felt that we can add real value because of domain experience and knowledge.

But you can be assured that the activities we do have moved on from 1996 and that our approach which harnesses the best marketing strategy combined with the smart savvy growth hacking techniques will deliver fantastic results.

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