Marketing for IT Services

IT Services keep every company working, in many ways, every company is now an IT company and without your help, they would not survive. But how do you convey your value to prospective customers and how do you make sure that your current customers really appreciate what you do. If you are doing your job well they will only call you if something goes wrong and that’s a tough time to sell new services to someone.

Doogheno can help. If you are working with local businesses we can help you own SEO for your area, if someone looks for an IT company they will find you. And if you are looking to increase the size of your clients we can help too. We can position your company and its strengths so they are relevant to your new target audience.

You may be happy with the customer base you have but want to sell more services into them, Doogheno is expert in building propositions for up-selling and cross-selling for IT service companies.

We have helped new companies win their very first customers, we have carried out market analysis to find where it is best to spend time prospecting for new business, we have even sat end customer meetings with our clients so we know the real sales objections they have to handle.

Whether it building and executing an outbound email campaign to acquire new business, a telemarketing campaign to up sell into the existing base or running a customer satisfaction program to keep customers on board Doogheno have done it and we can do the same for you.

We combine great high-quality content driven inbound marketing, with solid sales principles. And to this, we add the magic of growth hacking which is rarely used in the IT services space but is as relevant as for and app company.

You can stand out, you can win more business.

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