Marketing for Early Stage Companies

Getting Customer Feedback

For early-stage startups, feedback can be more important than customers. The quicker you can identify and fix customer objections, and improve the product to match customer demand, the more likely you are to win new business.

Growth Hacking

Every company is unique and while solid sales and marketing principles will work for all, it's the extra bits that a designed just for you that will make the difference. Testing and refining at each stage and using creativity to power your growth.

Finding your voice

Brand is far more that just a logo.  Finding your voice and understanding how to tell your story to your customers is the real challenge.  Get it right and it will be authentic and rue to your goals.

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Creativity and Measurement

Ideas amount to nothing without action.  And action without measurement is a fools game.  at Doogheno we'll come up with ideas, test them, try out tweaks and changes till your marketing is a well tuned engine.

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Understanding Your company

No one knows your business better than you but the very first thing we will do is try to get under the skin of your business and of you to discover your why.  When we understand this we can start .

We take your why and put it at the heart of everything we do so it it is authentic and real.  Each word we write, each image we create, each idea we share will be powered by your why.

03 Along with the why we will learn about your people, your products and your services.  We'll work with you to understand your customers and your markets.

04 And this is a continual process, companies change, priorities change, people change and we'll be there with you through these changes to keep on track and on message.

Working alongside you

01 We work best when we can work as an extension to your team.  And we can only do that when we have won your trust by proving our integrity and worth.

02 We will listen, talk and share, we always aim to build a long term relationship where your team can come to us with ideas and our team come to you with ideas.

03 We'll carry some of the risk and we'll take that responsibility with great care.  Your companies success is partially reliant on what we deliver for you.

04 We hope that we will become more than a provider, more than a partner and are seen as trusted colleagues and friends.  And we'll always buy the first round.

Being Accountable

01 When we start working with you we will provide a detailed statement of work to make sure that everyone knows what needs to be delivered, by who and by when.

02 We'll create mutually agreed KPIs that will hold us to account and give you a way of measuring success. And we'll be open and transparent in all our dealings with you.

03 We will provide detailed reporting and if something doesn't work out the way we expect it to we'll hold up our hands and take the learnings to the next action.

04 And we'll even put our money where our mouth is and run a shared success model that means we have areal interest in not just meeting the KPIs but exceeding them.