Marketing for Cloud Providers

We were working in cloud even before it was called cloud, working with application service providers as they changed their name to SaaS providers and then on to cloud.

Our team worked closely with Microsoft when cloud was just a very small side show to their perpetual licence circus, helping over 100 UK companies start to sell their first cloud services.

We are cloud evangelist and we live and work in the cloud today. We understand your industry, we love it, we live it.

We are even a Microsoft and Amazon Web Services partner, we sit the same training as your sales team so when we sit with you, we won’t need to spend weeks getting to know your services, we can get onto business straight away.

Whether you have built out a service yourself or you are utilising Azure, AWS or another we can help you grow your customer base.

In an increasingly competitive market, where customers are speaking to companies you have never heard of you need to be super smart and proactive, you need to capture the hearts and minds of your future customers way before they pick up the phone to speak to you, or someone else.

Content driven inbound marketing created to match every stage of your customer’s buying journey will put you two steps ahead of your competition. In simple terms, we’ll grab their attention from day one and bring them through your door.

And when you have them through the door we’ll make sure you keep them on-board throughout the contract and beyond.

Doogheno can also bring you the benefits of growth hacking techniques to make some extra magic for you. And of course, we can do all the usual great things for your marketing from video testimonials, social media management, SEO, design, copywriting and more. To find out more drop us a line