Marketing for Channel

We love channel. It’s the beast that’s hard to get right but when you do…bingo.

We have worked with channel for as long as we can remember. We know the opportunity is presents and the challenges along the way.

No matter where you are on the journey of channel Doogheno can help.

We have helped companies set up their channel, carrying out market analysis, internal readiness assessments and workshops with potential partners. We have worked on partner acquisition campaigns, bringing hundreds of partners to a new partner initiative. And we have worked with well-established partner channels launching new services into over 1,500 channel partners.

Whether you are a distributor selling hardware, a vendor using the channel to reach new markets or a cloud provider who knows that the best route to market is through existing relationships held with other companies we can help you achieve your goals.

Our team has been working with companies selling through the channel since the ’90s. This has included franchise organisations, cost plus resellers, white label programs and sell with and sell through structures.

We have worked with cloud service providers, managed service providers, SaaS companies and mobile distribution companies.

Our team has designed and built partner programs from scratch and helped move companies from 100% direct sales to 100% channel.

We have worked with organisations with over 1,000 channel partners as well as some that have only a handful of strategic partners.

Our team has built channels in the UK, Europe and the US.

We can help you short cut to success, avoiding the common mistakes by bringing our real world experience to your team.

Let us help you in creating more value from your channel, creating desire within their customers and demand for your services.

Setting up Your Channel Program

When they are up and running your channel will bring you in fantastic business but there is a lot to consider when setting up your channel. Get it wrong and you can end up in a heap of mess that is very hard and potentially expensive to rectify, so getting it right first time is crucial.


It's the boring bit but the success of your partner channel will include greta order fulfillment, support, training, billing and usually much more.

Service Catalogue

Working out just what your channel can and should sell and what margins will make it attractive for both you and them is never as simple as it first seems.

Partner Recruitment

Winning your first new channel partners requires time and effort, scaling this then becomes as hard as winning direct clients.

Sales Enablement

Once recruited you need to get the partners selling. They will need training and sales collateral as the absolute minimum.