Sales and Marketing Automation


Why Use Sales and Marketing Automation?
You have multiple important processes in your sales and marketing structure. From lead gen to website retargeting, proposals to new client signup. All of these elements can (should!) be joined-up, and linked together. This basically means you can never drop the ball.
Every customer and potential customer contact can automatically prompt another, without input from you or a member of your team, giving great efficiency and a smooth, super responsive customer experience.
Increased visibility and tracking means data activities are not siloed, instead feeding info in.
Donkey work (daily checking of processes, progress and outcomes, manually following up contacts, reporting and sifting information) is all automated, allowing you to put more time into talking to real people about the important stuff - the high value personal touch. The hands-on contact that means real human communication is paramount, and people feel valued.
Automation is a tool to start conversations.

How to Use Sales and Marketing Automation

(Cold) Email prospecting – Not your first thought, and harder since GDPR, but still gives the best ROI.
Write great email sequences that link to existing content, and make sure all responses and actions trigger additional actions/reactions, and that it's all linked in turn to your CRM and lead scoring. (Find out more)
LinkedIn prospecting – Automate outreach but don’t spam with sales messaging immediately. How many cold messages do you receive on LinkedIn daily? And if you connect, how many then message you within a few hours with a sales pitch? Answer: almost all.
However well written the approach, it is exposed as impersonal as soon as the sales message arrives. Which does rather undermine it.
Consider an automated initial approach, followed by a personal response to all who connect. Or at least leave a decent pause between connection and follow-up messaging, and a gift of valuable content rather than straight sales pitch. 

Don’t let good leads die!
Match your content to your buyer’s journey.
Send email sequences that include free, high value content.
Lead score so that you can respond personally when the prospect is hot.
Tools – Hubspot – market-leading CRM and marketing automation Active Campaign.

Show ads to website visitors as they browse elsewhere – cheaper than normal Google ads.


A well written chatbot can qualify prospects before you even speak to them. Think through a standard conversation with a new enquiry and write a sequence to lead someone through a series of qualifying questions. Works for you 24/7.


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