Lead Nurturing


Why You Need to Nurture Leads?

Leads don’t come ready to buy.

Not ever really.

A company might be at the very beginning of a buying process, looking at options and assessing available solutions. Or might be towards the end of their buyers journey. They need nurturing accordingly.

Don’t let people slip away – keep in contact and guide them through your funnel.

It's also a mistake to completely write anyone off. Things can change very quickly, and if you are in conversation, however protracted, you will be on hand when they do.

How to Use Sales and Marketing Automation


Nurture your leads by sending carefully crafted, automated email sequences.
Hubspot and Active Campaign, amongst others, are great tools for doing this.
Write compelling content that will be relevant and valuable for prospects at each stage of your buyers’ journey.
Send this content with your emails. This approach gives you authority and further establishes your credibility, while also giving a nicely rounded insight into who you are and why people should choose to work with you.

Create separate sequences of emails for each stage of the buyers’ journey.

If someone comes in right at the beginning,
they will need a differently worded sequence than someone who has done their research, narrowed down the field of suppliers and is merely looking to differentiate and pick one.

Lead Score

Your goal with the email sequences should be to open up an actual dialogue, to encourage your leads to ask questions, to fully engage with you and want to know more. At which point they need to speak to someone.With an automated process, it can be hard to identify this crucial point. You aren’t looking at each email as it goes out to each prospect, or at each response. So - lead score. Allocate points to each action a prospect can take – visiting your website, clicking a link in an email, or even replying to an email – then automatically add up the score.

Simply set a prompt for your sales team to make contact once a prospect reaches a certain score, and you’ll never let a lead slip through your fingers again...

If you want to find out more about creating nurture sequences then drop us a line or give us a call.


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