What is Micro Targeting?

Inbound marketing gets people to engage with your content and with your website. Frustratingly there are many visitors to your site that never fill in a webform.

Even if you you identify the company tracking down the person who has been looking at your site is seen as an impossible task.

But it isn't.

Our Micro Targeting service does just that and gets the individual truly engaged, delivering you more leads, more sales and more profit.

We identify the website visitors and run a highly targeted campaign to them based on their role and the content they have previously engaged with.  Very quickly we build up a picture and we can even call them to set a meeting. 

We identify the companies visiting your website.  We run this against a list of target companies and additional defined fields such as industry and location. 

We then look at the best fit employees of the visiting companies based on job role.
We then drill down on these contacts. We will find their direct contact details. We build a buyer persona for each contact which will enable us to produce a highly personalised campaign which almost guarantees a high level of engagement.
We then create a micro campaign, with a series of contact points including email, web site visits and content.
The targets then engage with highly relevant content based on their role and their interests.
From this we are able to score the individual contacts and identify the best fit candidates. These are nurtured until ready to pass to a sales person. Or we can run a direct calling campaign into these identified contacts.