The Ideas Challenge

Pondering, Pivoting. Panicking?

In the old days before Covid-19 we would regularly run Ideas Challenges for stuck companies.

The challenge was for us to come up with three or more ideas to unstick the stuck company (any company) and to help it grow.

It struck us this week that many of our friends and colleagues are dealing with much more than just stuck companies, and that the Ideas Challenge process, and its outcomes, might really be very, very useful.

So we’re making the Ideas Challenge free and available to anyone who is stuck.

Or give us a quick call to arrange a time.

Office: 020 7097 8567

Dan: 07768 554321

Jane: 07729 533035

Talk to us. Take your time. Outline your business and situation, we’ll get to work and come back to you with three or more strategies for resilience and growth - even during a lockdown (We’re almost sure. Go on. Test it out!)


3 things that your business can do to get you through this and come out the other side even stronger. We’ll send these to you after the call and include resources to help you implement them.


Absolutely Free. Zero, Zilch, Zip, Nowt, Nada, Nothing .


45 minutes (approx) Video or Audio.


Is it really free?

Yes, absolutely free. We would normally charge £500 for a full day workshop but we want to try and help more businesses. 

Why are you doing this?

We all need to help each other right now. We can’t do much directly, but our best skills are imagination and ideas. If we can help a few more people see this out with thriving businesses then we will.

Do you know what you are doing?

This is what we do. We have decades of experience in helping businesses of all sizes survive. Even through the turbulent times. (Though the 90s recession and 2008 financial meltdown have nothing on this!) Our clients are diverse - from hypnobirthing educators to hyper converged cloud providers and from AI consultancies to Yoga book sellers. We are pretty sure we can help you.

What sort of things might you recommend?

Every company is different but there are many ways to open up new markets, cut costs, explore new channels, repositioning existing products, tweaking things or maybe planting the seeds and nurturing them so your company will bloom in the summer.

Are you trying to sell me anything?

Some of things we recommend may be things that we provide as a company but this isn’t a pitch. We’ll even tell you how to do them and what tools we use if you want to do it yourselves. And if you have services/products that would help other companies we’d recommend those to others where suitable. We’ll also make introductions if we think people in our network might be able to help.

Will you be offended if we don’t do anything you recommend?

Not at all, you know your business and customers better than anyone. If we can help you cement your own ideas then that’s good value too.

What happens if you don’t come up with three ideas?

When we have run this before we made a charity donation for every call we had and a larger donation to the charity of choice of the company we couldn’t help. We will run a similar thing this time but all donations will go to a single charity which we are currently deciding on, they will be healthcare/frontline related.

Can I ask you a question?

Sure, fire away. As you can imagine we aren't working from the office at the moment so quickest way to get one us is on our mobiles. Dan: 07768 554321 Jane: 07729 533035. If we don't answer leave a message, we are probably on other calls or doing some home schooling, watching Hey Duggee or inventing a new game to keep children amused. 

Challenge us! We’re ready to help.

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