Email Delivery Basics


Why It Matters

Cold email prospecting, even with the extra considerations of GDPR, has the best ROI of all of the tools in your B2B sales and marketing toolbox. It might not be your first thought, but it’s absolutely worth doing, and doing right.

How to Get It Right

First, and in addition to writing fantastic email campaigns, make sure you land in the inbox!
First, and in addition to writing fantastic email campaigns, make sure you land in the inbox!
Sounds obvious, lots of technical stuff you can do to ensure you get there.
Here’s a jargonbuster.
SPF – Sender policy framework. This is email authentication that detects forged sender addresses during delivery of mail
DKIM – Domain Keys Identified Mail. Email authentication that detects forged sender addresses often used in phishing, other scams, and spam.
DMARC – Domain-based message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance. Email authentication policy and reporting protocol.
Track the domain record if using a third party service.

Also, don’t get your domain blocked

Unlikely to happen but it could and you don’t need to send many additional emails for it to happen if using Gsuite or Office 365.

As a general rule, don’t send more than 200 emails in a day.

Use a different domain.

Set up a GSuite account for the best deliverability, and keep your campaign separate from your main email.

Your campaign email could be suspended. Damage limitation.

Warm up that domain.

Start sending out 20 emails a day from your new email account to known good accounts. If they land anywhere but the inbox, move them into the inbox. Reply to them, and build up to 40 a day. Do this for 21 days before sending any customer emails.


Personalise each email. None of us likes unconsidered, undirected spam. Use name, company, position, something that,shows you’ve made an effort and done some research. You are more likely to elicit a positive response, and also your email is less likely to be labeled spam, as each email you send will be distinctive.

Make sure your email is actually relevant to the recipient.

And be aware of GDPR.

You can only email subscribed addresses or corporate ones where a legitimate interest assessment has been carried out.

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