We work across the tech sector and with start ups, here are examples of just some of our work with clients in these sectors.

Shared Interest Network

Cyber Security Federation Europe is a shared interest Network that connects over 250 cyber security vendors with end user companies.


  • Content
  • Social media
  • Customer acquisition


E Learning Platform

Mydigitalfuture is an E-Learning platform aimed at school age children, to teach them about online security.


  • Branding
  • Character development
  • Animation

Cloud Connectivity Provider

ServiceteamIT is a specialist cloud connectivity project delivery team based in the midlands.


  • Buyer profiling
  • Customer cquisition
  • Content


Managed Service Provider

Nasstar plc is a managed service provider with a history of providing cloud based services to specific vertical markets and channel.


  • Partner acquisition
  • Events
  • Digital presence

Cloud Aggregator

POC is a cloud aggregator providing services including Office 365 through their innovative automation and management platform.


  • Content
  • Positioning
  • PR


Internet of Things

Fidelity is a Internet of Things company who needed to fund their long development cycle through complementary business.


  • Market analysis
  • Market testing
  • Positioning
Growth marketing. Growing your business.

Example Campaign

MQC are a software company that provide an alternative to traditional hosting. The provide a cloud like experience for their customers without the application leaving the user’s desktop. After success in the direct market they wanted to grow through channel. Their target was 10 new partners defined as US based software companies with a tune over between $3 million and $50 million.


Actions undertaken as part of campaign

A global survey of over 4,000 small business owners asking about their adoption of cloud based software and desktop software. This was to produce unique insight into the levels of desktop software still being used today in the often reported cloud first business world. From the survey results conclusions were drawn and these we used as the basis for a white paper, press release, infographic and outbound email and calling campaign

White Paper
Twenty page white paper based on results of global survey.

Press Release
Covered by over 200 American publications including Fox.

Easy to interpret graphical representation of survey.

Email Campaign
Outbound to over 20,000 software companies.

Telemarketing campaign into respondents and interests,

Generated over 40 direct responses within target customer profile, 14 as a top grade match.

Some examples of our




White Papers

Through Partner

Thought Leadership

Customer Profiling




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