Here’s a little bit about what we do

Growth marketing will supercharge your pipeline, close more business and retain more customers. Its success grows like your revenue and continues growing month after month. It pays for itself many times over, delivering fantastic ROI. Our approach provides a complete marketing service which can act as standalone or as an extension of your internal resource. You have on demand access to a full agency resource, including strategic management for less than the cost of an internal marketing person.

Defining your brand

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room” – Jeff Besoz, Amazon

Defining your brand is more than just creating a logo, it’s about defining who your company is, what you stand for, how you communicate and dictates how customers feel about you.

During this essential early stage we’ll review where you are and make recommendations. We won’t rip up what you have already and love but we can all do with a little lift once in awhile. And if you are just starting out we can build your brand from the ground up and of course we can make you look wonderful as well.

We’ll help you find your voice and get it singing.

Understanding your customers

You know who buys your products but do you know why? We talk to your customers to build a fantastic picture of who they are and understand why they buy. From our research we create multiple buying personas which will inform everything we do together from that point.

If you have a large base we will analyse your data and give you insights that can help you grow your customer base and will help with customer retention.

If it’s early days for you we can work with you to define target markets and identifying who your great customers will be.

Engaging content

Content is at the very heart of what we do. You need to engage with your prospective customers, you need to start conversations, you need to educate, inform and entertain and brilliant relevant content will do that.

Our creative team love coming up with wonderful ideas and then putting those into wonderful content.

Graphic Design

Social Media with Channel Roar

Getting your voice heard is essential for you business. Social media is a conversation that you should have a grip of but with 6,000 Tweets a second it can hard to stand out.  We have a specialist team in our ChannelRoar division looking after social media. We will work across multiple platforms creating a message for each audience to get you maximum exposure.

And it really is a conversation so we can handle your customers responses across this medium.

And we’ll analyse what is working so we can continually tweak the message to give maximum return.


You don’t need us to tell you about the importance of a great web site. You need to have a web presence that grabs the attention of your customers while they do their early research. There are over 1 billion web sites and they have to want to spend time on yours.

Great design will be at the heart of your site but functionality, user interaction and flow to ensure that they engage with your content or move through to a purchase or a close.

If you need a little bit more we can develop a site to your specifications.


Having a web site is one thing, getting customers to find you is another. The principles of SEO are straight forward, the execution not quite so much. SEO spreads wider than your website, it should be across everything you do including social media and you content.

It’s often said that page 2 of a search response is the best place to hide a dead body. We won’t promise you number 1 position on page 1but we do promise you that your prospective customers will find you every time. By spreading wider than the website your customers will find you when they won’t find your competitors.


Pay per click is more than a quick way to get customers, but it is great for that. It allows you to target customers that you SEO may not reach. You can retarget prospective customers and massively increase your close rate.

Think wider than just Google, you customers will be looking for you on other platforms and they may produce better results for less investment.


Getting every thing right across your business is a challenge. While you can learn by your own mistakes, learning from other can save time and money. With over 30 years of business experience, within the tech sector and start ups, we can share our real world lessons to increase your chance of brilliant results.

We cover marketing, sales and channel. We have worked with many companies, including helping over 100 companies transition into cloud providers.

Channel development

The channel is often seen as a great way to boost sales but far too often companies do not understand the complexities, hard work and complexity of making channel profitable. Attracting channel partners is a challenge, attracting proactive target busting channel partners is an art.

Proactive channel engagement can be driven through our exclusive channel marketing automation tool. Our through channel marketing experts will work with you to produce campaigns that your partners will love and ultimately grow your revenue.


In this digital age we feel that there is still nothing better than meeting people face to face. Events are a great way to do that. Whether you are running an event for existing customers, prospective customers or looking to widen your sphere of influence we can help.

Or may be you are looking at ways to maximise expose at trade shows, whether exhibiting of just visiting.

We have run events at Microsoft and Citrix and at locations across London including a week long art project in a Victorian warehouse in Brixton.


You are great and you should be recognised for the wonderful things you do. Awards are a great way to have additional credibility but the process to apply can be very time consuming and sometimes you can question if it is worth it.

We have helped our customers win prestigious industry awards that have directed contributed to bringing in deals.

We think we can do the same for you.