White Paper

White papers are one of the most popular forms of content for technology companies. They can contain high-quality information that is valuable for the target customers.

We have a team of copywriters, including broadsheet journalists, who can create your white papers. If you need a highly technical paper we can enlist the help of some of our technical writers who understand the things that are important to your customers. The white papers have to offer real value to your prospective customers and often the best people to write them is actually you. If this is the case we will interview you and take the information that you give and build out the white paper with you involved all the way. You can put your name to the things that you would live to write if you just had a few more hours in the day. If you want and independent expert to write that paper, which can bring great credibility to your company, we can, of course, organise this too.

We have an in-house researcher who can help build the information that can be needed for the creation of truly engaging content.

Providing high quality, engaging content throughout the buyer’s journey is key to differentiating your company from the competition and white papers are a fantastic way to achieve this. The information in the white paper can form the basis of other pieces of content to support the message such as infographics and social media campaigns.

This paper was written for a software company, and discusses the findings from a global survey of SME business owners.

It was used as a part of a partner acquisition campaign.

The first action for the white paper was to find unique data that would support the company’s message. To do this we carried out a global survey of over 4,000 sme business decision makers. Their responses were analysed and the finding brought together in the paper.

As the target market for the customer was the USA the paper was written in American English. Additional material was produced for this campaign based on the finding from the white paper. The release of the white paper was supported by social media and a press release.