Marketing for Business

Doogheno primarily works with tech companies but we do work with other sectors when we feel that we can be of real value.

These have included a training company offering incredible insight into how we think to change the way that people sell. An arts event, where we ran a successful crowdfunding campaign, including video and social media. An even a dating website, as we all need to have some love in our lives.

Everything we do is transferable into other industries but if we don’t feel we can help you we will say and put you in touch with someone who will be able to.

Our area of speciality has come through years of working in that sector, we speak the language and know the companies and people. And that’s why we primarily work with business to business sales.

But we believe there is no b2b and b2c anymore. It’s people selling to people. The decision maker in the big company is the same guy that McVities are selling chocolate biscuits too. You have to compete with hundreds and thousands of marketing messages all vying for the attention of a buyer. You just have to get the right message to them at the right time.

And if we think we can do that for you, we will tell you.

We are all humans without side interests, from art to football, architecture to film, dancing to beer, wine to walking. If we hold the domain knowledge in house, then we can produce wonderful things for you.

And if you have something that defies categorisation we do love a challenge. We have worked with abstract concepts and helped make them simple to understand products.

So feel free to get in touch, we are always happy to have a chat and even if we can’t help you we will be able to give you some ideas, ideas are free.